People can't go out to Trade Shows so let's take the Trade Show to them!

Our Magazine and Podcast have thousands of Readers & Listeners - we can reach the people that need Healing, Hope and Guidance!

We want to help Business Owners keep their Business  front and centre so the people who need you, can find you!

Special 'Trade Show' Edition of our Magazine teamed with our Podcast!

Full Page Business Profile
of Your Business or Book in 2 NEW Special Edition Issues that focus on what your Business has to offer!
A Trade Show that goes directly to 1000's of  people
3 MONTHS of Active Promotion!

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Special Edition Cover

Sample Profile Page

Podcast Interview streamed on major Platforms &
our website
  • Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn & Apple Podcasts
  • Thousands of listeners and only going to grow
  • Interviews are done over Messenger - you don't leave your house

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Target Market
  • Interest in mental, physical & spiritual wellness

  • Avg household Income $100,000+

  • 75% women / 25% men


  • Subscriber  & online purchases of our PRINT version

  • 5000 - 9000 DIGITAL readers PER issue

  • 50,000 + collective readers and growing



(*250 million listeners across more than 75 countries worldwide access the last four arenas)

Release dates for our Special editions
  • March 30th

  • April 15th

Magazine Profile Page & Podcast Interview
Super Special
3 MONTHS of Active Promotion!
  • Business Profile in 2 Special Editions of our Magazine
  • 20 - 30  mins Podcast Interview Streamed on major Platforms
  • Profile Page on our website
3 Months of active promotion / indefinite 'on site' presence - 1000's of eyes on you!
$250 + hst = $282.50

(Regular price $1300.00 + hst)

Once you have made your payment. 

We will contact you about creating your Profile & booking your Podcast Interview

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Podcast Interview Only
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Social Media Promotion

20 - 30 minute Interview streamed on major Platforms


250 million listeners across more than 75 countries worldwide access the last four arenas

Promotion of Podcast

  • Social Media Promotion of your Interview paid & organic

  • Ad on Spotify & iHeart Radio promoting the Podcast to over 250,000 potential listeners!

  • Subscribers

$99.00 + hst

(Regular $250.00 + hst)

Once you have made your payment, you'll be contacted to book your Podcast Interview

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