Saturday March 21st - 9:30 am - 4pm
A Beautiful Life Starts at LifeCon™
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Find Your Soul, Find Your Health, Find Yourself..... at LifeCon™ 
Saturday March 21st

Shangrila Convention Centre 

Beaumont Room

50 Esna Park Drive


9:30am to 4pm

LifeCon attendees come together to be uplifted, play, laugh, love, grow and connect with others on their  journey to their best life

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from our past 

LIFECON was AMAZING today!!! 
Transformative day! - Sabrina Goeldlin

Main Stage
Our Speakers are Innovative thinkers & paradigm shifters!
They will leave you energized & inspired. Giving you the tools you need to up-level your life!
  • Self Discovery
  • Silence Your Inner Critic
  • Reconnect with Your Spirit
  • Build Your Emotional Resilience
  • Finding Your Life Purpose
  • More!
Demos on the spot
Try the latest products & modalities to improve your mental, spiritual & physical health. Interactive Sessions, PEMF, Angel Card Readings, Mediums, Massages, Makeup Demos, On the Spot Life Coach Consults
Pop Up Shops
Shop Holistic Skin Care, Essential Oils, Books, Clothing, Jewelry, Magazines and more
Samples, Prizes,

Treats & Freebees 

Lifecon was awesome got to try Magnetic Resonance stimulation. The lights and sounds wild stuff ! Learned lots today and made some good connections! - Jason Rumbal

It was a pleasure Rose! Wonderful show! Vicky Austin Higgins

Mingle & Meet
With like minded, kindred souls. Those on the same journey as you that make you part of a community!

 It was a great show -Michael Shea

This was an inspiring event, informative and motivating speakers, good networking and shopping.- Regina Neal 

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Thanks for putting together a great event- Karen Clark  


A delightful, energizing and educational event. Enjoyed every moment of it. - Sharon de Ryck

Started on time and with a lot of great energy -Cheryl Rankin 

WELL... this was a great event! Met so many conscious and aware people interested and willing to consider complimentary venues to wellness. Awesome conversations and awesome products & services were offered. Actually, this a new form of an event for me... Listening to speakers who shared valuable information and seep a glass of wine! Thanks Ronnie Swais and the team! - Rose Saroyan
Mind Body * Spirit

Fatima Omar

How to charge what you’re worth and get it

Shiraz Baboo

How to Rewrite Reality



Our Connection to Spirit . Power of the mind and heart for healing


Veronica Hislop

Strive Thrive Survive :Managing Your Stress in Busy Times

Liz Jakoi

Think it. Change it. Live it

Angela Shim

Heart Scents Wisdom: Elevating Whole Life Wellness Through Community.  

Joanne Shank

Ultimate Self-Care!


St. James

Become a Confident Communicator so You can have Everything you want

Mickey Burns

Find Your Soul, Find Your Health, Find Yourself at .........LifeCon™ 
Saturday March 21st

Shangrila Convention Centre 

Beaumont Room

50 Esna Park Drive


9:30am to 4pm
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