A Beautiful Life Magazine's LifeCon™ 2020 
Bringing you the Experts to help you on your journey to ...a beautiful life!
York / Durham / Niagara / Peel / Waterloo / Hamilton / Simcoe- Barrie
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Mission Statement: We want to bring people the Experts that can help them on their journey to ......a beautiful life. Mind, Body & Spirit

Our LifeCon™ LIVE events are our A Beautiful Life Magazine 'coming to life' - launched 2 years ago our magazine continues to grow in readership. Our first LifeCon™ was a huge success. Uplifting, inspiring, informative, fun...it's more than an event, it's a movement.....a call for mental, physical and spiritual wellness!

In 2020 we have increased our distribution area of our Print Magazine and are running LifeCon's in various Region to touch the lives of 1000's of people!

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Our Live Events Include...

Main Stage
Our Speakers are forward-looking, Innovative thinkers & paradigm shifters!
They will leave you energized & inspired. Giving you the tools you need to up-level your life!
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Demos on Tap
Try the latest products & modalities to improve your mental, spiritual & physical health. Interactive Sessions, PEMF, Angel Card Readings, Mediums, Massages, Makeup Demos, On the Spot Life Coach Consults
York Region March 20th & 21st
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Waterloo / Kitchener  May 23rd
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Pop Up Shops
Shop Holistic Skin Care, Essential Oils, Books, Clothing, Jewelry, Magazines and more
RomanceCon April 18th & 19th
Sister A Beautiful Life Canada
RomanceCon  Date TBA

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