Justyna St James

The Charismatic Communicator



For the majority of her life, Justyna St. James suffered from social anxiety, and a debilitating fear of speaking publicly - mentally, and physically isolating herself from living her best life. 

After experiencing a series of difficult moments, propelling her into massive transformational action, she left her corporate job, packed two bags, and began her 6-year journey of self-discovery by traveling the world.

Through meeting thousands of people and sharing her story, she discovered her voice.

She shares her experiences with anxiety and fear to help entrepreneurs and professionals become confident, charismatic communicators, impacting those around them.

Justyna has taught over 3,000 students, is an award-winning entrepreneur, an award-winning international speaker, and has contributed to multiple educational publications.

Justyna’s goal is to help you speak confidently and charismatically in front of 1 or 100s of people, in front of the camera, on the phone, in a workshop, or on stage.

Are you ready to be seen, be heard, be memorable?

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